Pedestrian Guardrails

Pedestrian Guardrails

Tubular Guardrails are a boundary feature and may be a means to prevent or deter access to dangerous or off-limits areas while allowing light and visibility in a greater way than a fence. Common shapes are flat, rounded edge, and tubular in horizontal railings.          

In traffic engineering, highway guardrail may prevent an errant vehicle from hitting roadside obstacles, running off the road and going down a steep embankment, or veering off the roadway into oncoming traffic (commonly referred to as a median barrier). Roadside obstacles are typically referred to as fixed objects. A secondary objective is keeping the vehicle upright while deflected along the guardrail.

Tubular Guardrails:

Process Methods: Length Cutting, Croping, Profile Bending, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Painting

Sizes/Ranges: Length 2000mm x Height 1510 mm

Raw Materials Specifications: MS Pipe - ø 48.3 x T 2.3 mm & ø 26.4 x T 2.3 mm as per IS: 1161/1239/3601 YST-210 

Surface Finishing: Painting with Red Oxide Primer

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