Road Traffic & Safety Signages

Road Traffic & Safety Signages

The purpose of road traffic & safety signs is to promote road safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of all road users on all roads in both urban and non-urban areas.

This Code contain the basic principle that govern design and use of road sign for all categories of road including expressways open to public travel irrespective of road agency having jurisdiction.

A road sign should meet the following basic requirements:

  1. Fulfill a need.
  2. Command attention.
  3. Convey a clear and simple meaning.
  4. Command respected from road user.
  5. Give adequate time for response.
  6. Maintenance of road sign.
  7. Placement and operation of road signs.
  8. Uniformity of road signs.
  9. Traffic engineering study.

The decision to use a particular sign at a particular location should be made on the basis of traffic engineering study and after a very careful planning so that correct and uniform signs are placed at required locations.

W-Beam Structural Elements:
Process Methods:
Length Cutting, Thermal(Plasma) Cutting, Drilling, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Powder Coating, Pasting & Riveting


  1. Single Post
  2. Double Post
  3. Place Identification Boards
  4. Advance Direction Boards
  5. Overhead Cantilevers Boards
  6. Overhead Gantry Boards
  7. Toll Boards
  8. Variable Message Sign (VMS)
  9. Smart City Overhead Gantries, Cantilevers, RLVD Poles & Other Sign Boards
  10. And other customized unique products for client's needs.

Raw Materials Specifications:

  • Retro Reflective Sheeting - DG, ASTM D 4956 Type-XI Make 3M
  • Aluminium Composite Panels - HR Sheet T 4.50 to 5.0 mm as per IS:2062 E-250 A
  • Post & Structural Assembly - MS Pipe ø 88.9 x T 2.5 mm, ø 219 x T 4.0 mm, ø 324 x T 5.0 mm as per IS: 1161/1239/3601 YST-210
  • Frame Assembly  -  MS L-Angle W 25 x W 25 x T 3.0 mm as per IS:808 & MS Tube W 20 x H 40 x T 2mm as per IS:4923 YST-210

Surface Finishing: Black Powder Coating on full parts & White Strips on Post & Structural Assembly


Note: Specification of raw materials and surface finishing can be customized to client's needs.


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