Hot Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials

Hot Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials


Thermoplastic Road Marking Material (As per MoRT&H 803 & IRC 35)

Description :

  ANAYMARK - TPW material is formulated to suit various weather and Indian traffic conditions. And we are using excellent quality ingredients that we source from some of the converted vendors of the market.

Standard Reference :

  MoRT&H Clause 803 & IRC 35

Uses :

ANAYMARK - TPW  is used for Regular Road Marking Application on Asphalt or Concrete road. Also ANAYMARK - TPW is available based on its application (Spray and Screed/Extrusion)

Benefits :

  Excellent Retro Reflective Property

  Outstanding Visibility & Colour Brilliance

  High Skid Resistance & High Durability

  Fast Drying & Excellent Adhesion

Available Colours :


  Yellow (As per IS colour No. 356)

  Other colour also available as per customer requirements.

Packaging :

  Available in 25 Kgs HDPE Bag

 * For more details Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheet are available on request.

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