Moulds & Shuttering Parts

Moulds & Shuttering Parts

RE Panel walls are a composite system of a face panel - generally concrete and a steel reinforcement element - either in the form of a steel strip or welded mesh that is positively connected one to the other such that a stable unified gravity soil mass may be formed. The facing panel is generally a precast concrete unit that provides local soil stability and a “face” for compaction of the retained soil.

Moulds & Shuttering Parts:
Process Methods:

  • Thermal Cutting, Drilling, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Painting


  • RE Panel Moulds               - STD A, STD B, TOP A, TOP C & Corner Mould
  • Crash Barriers Moulds    - Standard & Flexible types
  • Utility Box                            - As per customer's needs
  • Boundry Wall Moulds     - As per customer's needs
  • Girder Assembly               - 20 mtr to 42 mtr

Raw Materials Specifications:

  • MS Sheet/Plates               - T  4.0  to 20 mm as per IS:2062 E-250 A
  • MS C-Channel                    - As per IS:808
  • MS L-Angle                         - As per IS:808
  • MS I-Beams                        - As per IS:808

Surface Finishing:

  • Painting as per Customer Requirements


  • Specifications and surface finishing of products can be customized to client's needs.


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