Noise Barriers

Noise Barriers

Due to the growth in traffic on road and rail, noise pollution is also increasing. The aim is therefore to protect those affected more effectively from traffic noise. The effectiveness of a noise barrier depends on the distance between the listener and the barrier. For residences located directly behind a barrier, the noise level will often be cut in half. This benefit decreases as a listener moves farther away and is negligible at distances greater than 500 feet.

Process Methods: Thermal Cutting, Length Shearing, Profile Bending, Gas Metal Arc Welding & Hot Dip Galvanizing

Sizes/Ranges: Length 1.9m & 3.0m

Raw Materials Specifications:

  • MS Sheet/Plates   - T  5.0  &  16 mm as per IS:2062 E-250 A


Surface Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized (550 g/m²) - As per IS:2629


Note: Specifications and surface finishing of products can be customized to client's needs.

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